Angels that cross our path

In life, we encounter events and people that seem to come to us at the right time or right place. Some may call it God ordained and some chance and some other- universe coalescing.

This past couple of week, the boy has been having a really tough time at school with many issues and this was translating into sleep issues, behavior issues etc.. and it got to the point that he would get down from his school bus and wail into my arms.
 A hard day or week is very crushing on an adult, and more so for a kid who still sometimes struggle with the vocabulary to tell his teachers or peers what he means or what he feels. It was crushing to see him like this and we were waiting to meet his teachers to work it out. One such evening he came home tired, hungry and overstimulated and refused to enter the house, so I took him for a ride on the scooter. We landed up waiting near a carpenters shop and he jumped off and ran to watch the carpenter hammering some nails into a sofa he was building.

Before I knew it… these two connected.

Despite the carpenter not understanding my boy’s accented English or his enthusiasm, he let him watch. Then he let him hammer a few nails and did not stop him, correct him or tell him what he was doing was right or wrong. He let him be.

He managed to change the boys day with those 15 mins. The boys smile could open heavens doors,  His laughter hit my soul with so much joy. His confidence with the hammer surprised me. I realised that he observes more keenly than others, so in a couple of minutes he sussed out the carpenter’s deft moves and followed it.  So the past few days #theboy and #thegirl have been hammering nails in pieces of wood, boxes even trying walls. The carpenter has no idea of what an impact these few minutes made on the boys day and possibly his life and mine.

So maybe next time you see a kid showing an interest in something you are doing, give them a minute .. you might be making his/her day or week or maybe teaching them a new skill for life

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