I love watching you cook

The girl made my day and it was not even 6 am yet.

Our school day mornings are pretty much the same as millions of houses around the world. Mom’s up first (maybe a dad or two too) to get the day started in wonderful quite solitude; Sip their Coffee or Tea in silence before the world’s buzz gets louder and takes over everything. Going about the motion in muteness or in whispers; we say to avoid waking others, but really I think its because its the only time of the day our senses are the most heightened. Then there are the multiple tiffins to pack and breakfast to make and waking up to do … it goes on …

But every morning, there is that 15 min, where the girl waddles in her half-zombie state and sits on a stool that I keep for her next to the kitchen counter, says Good morning mummy and puts her head down on the counter and almost nods off.  I always thought she is too groggy to notice anything because she does seem to eat her breakfast with eyes shut. But the other day, early morning, she came in, sat on the stool. As I made her breakfast and gave it to her, simultaneously working on 3 tiffins, when she whispered, ” I love watching you cook mummy” and then silence again till she headed off for a shower.
But for the rest of the day, this mummy was floating in a happy haze.

See the thing is, She sees me.

I always felt I do stuff day in and day out, things that do not get acknowledged. We all do stuff that never gets a thank you for because, well we do it anyway. But they do.. they do see…
Made me think, how maybe a complement/positive affirmation once a day is the only drug one needs. So maybe we can do that.