The most frustrating memory of 2015 for me was getting answers to the WHY? Why has my son stopped talking? Why did Daddy have to die so suddenly? Why me? Why us? When it concerns my #theboy, most people looked to me for answers, Why? How? When? Did you do something different? What did you do?🤦‍♀️ Somehow it felt that #thehubby and I were expected to have the answers.

Then came the insinuations. Teachers pointed out the inabilities and asked why? One Principal accused us of hiding #theboys condition while taking admission. Yet another ‘well wisher’ used the opportunity to say to me, ” God has said to me in a prayer that your son suffers because you are not prayerful and have moved away from him”.🙄

Weird and wonderful were the questions, remarks, and suggestions and they kept coming. But I still did not know the answers. I did not know how and why.🤷‍♀️
So, I started my research👀. I spoke to other Mom’s and I read and I read and I read 👓.

#thehubby had blind faith and belief in two things: 1. that our #theboy will overcome and 2. he trusted and agreed with whatever I  felt, shared and proposed and that I had the best possible way at that time for our child.

With that, I have learned to ask Questions: to the Therapists, the Pediatrician, the Homeopaths, the teachers who care and the biggest encyclopedia; 👼the Star Moms/ the Super mom’s/ The mum’s that inspire me: Mothers of children with special needs. They have all become our teachers and partners in our journey.  I love the people who walk this path with me.
They helped us navigate out of the haze into clarity and understanding and acceptance and finally the joyfulness, hope, and pleasure in small victories.

I’ve been asked why I speak so openly about my life or my son’s challenges? It’s simply because I am not ashamed of my life or my #theboy.

See, the thing is I can be bitter at the world for not understanding my son or me. But I have realised that when I talk about my life or #theboy, I am starting a conversation. Every time I share how we handled and overcame challenging situations, other parents in our shoes might get an idea. Or it might make someone rethink and confront their own prejudices.  But most of all it builds understanding and acceptance for him. We are his advocates on earth.

I do not know everything, It’s not possible too. My children teach me new life lessons every day and that has definitely changed me.

Most parents making decisions based on the best case/worst case outcome of a mentally simulated situation. We don’t have a manual, but we have love💗, faith🤲 , and persistence🧗🏼. That’s plenty for now.

#mujhesabnahipata #I dontknoweverything #iamhuman #stillabelieverinGod #winkwink #justahuman #justaparent 

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