Life Lessons from a Leaf: What does Autism mean to us?

When you look at this leaf, you might not find it interesting or extraordinary, except that it is the shape of a heart. But the most extraordinary thing about this leaf is that it is NOT supposed to look this way.

The leaf of this Bauhinia Tree is supposed to be bilobed (having two lobes) at the apex, basically, it looks (as my #thegirl says) like a bum ==>

So you might be thinking, What does this leaf have anything to do with #autism?

Well here is the WHAT: This leaf is #different.

It is not like the thousands of leaves on that tree and thousands more that came before. But its beauty is unmistakable. It is different by design of nature. It was not a mistake or an anomaly. It still did all its functions/duties of a leaf pretty well and is now on its way to his final destiny.  It is what it is and that is perfect.

So, When I saw this leaf lying on the park ground, I felt drawn to it. Because it is like my #theboy.

He is born different by design of the higher one. He is not like the thousands before him and the thousands with him. But the beauty is in him.

He may seem different to you, quieter than the rest maybe, hyperfocused on his trains and JCB’s. He doesn’t make friends quickly but is loyal to the ones he makes. He is gentle and kind and polite, but he has also now learned to pick a fight. Is he like the many kids in his class, no!!! He may not write as fluently as the rest, but he knows the keys of the keypad and knows how to make Google work for him. He may not speak with the speed and fluency of others, but MY LORD his voice is sweet.

He may not know all his four-letter words but he makes friends with carpenters, train driver, and JCB operators. He learns from observation and repetition. He used his hyperfocus well. He is what he is and that is perfect.

Life with him is a spiritual challenge. We now choose to walk away from some social normalities and fake niceties. We focus on what path God has laid out for us and THAT is the journey we will enjoy.
So what has Autism meant to us? It means we don’t live a superficial life, we are very conscious of each day and each challenge and each win. For us, life is strikingly vibrant, full of colours, sounds, textures, and emotions.


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