LEGO and me

I recently attended a LinkedIn Local gathering, where they had Lego Serious Play facilitators talk about how LEGO Serious Play continues to be used by the Dutch Army and Large corporates like Google as a part of Strategy building and problem-solving.

First of all the idea of attending a LinkedIn event was intimidating (I have been SAHM for 7 years now- :O), so I had some serious apprehensions about mingling with corporate types. But I went along because my friend who is also the co-host of the LinkedIn Local meet said it would be worth my time. And it was! I did meet some corporate types, some professionals and some very interesting people who made me think of how every person you meet is there for a higher purpose.

The Lego Serious Play guys lead and guided us through a bunch of exercises that needed some quick creative thinking, overactive imagination, and some interesting way of asking questions. I won’t give up any details of how its conducted because honestly, it is worth attending and experiencing to best derive its learning.

I thought that after 7 years of being employed by my children full time, I had lost my creative fizz, my mojo and that my brain may have just shrunk… or as some people have told me that I’ve wasted away my skillsets.

But what I realised is that it was just a lack of confidence that has somehow grown over the past few years because of self-doubt and listening to people who pointedly complain about both sides of the coin- Damned if you are a working mom, damned if you are not. As we went through the Lego Serious Play exercises, I realised that I still have my Mojo, still work creatively best under pressure, can articulate my thoughts reasonably well and guess what my brain has not shrunk, in fact, my frontal lobe has probably expanded to deal with creatively managing my offsprings and their various pursuits.

So I wanted to put this thought out there:

Whether you are a Stay at home Parent by choice or by circumstance. Whether you are a working parent by choice or by circumstance

=> you are Awesome. You are still that Hot, Smart, Sexy, Cleaver, Funny, Music loving, Bhangra dancing, Techno playing, Coffee sipping, Book loving, Beautiful, Talented, Creative YOU.

=> you don’t need anyone else to tell you that! You tell yourself that you still are, see yourself like that because you are. Let the world run with its own self-centered agenda. You do You! 😉

So, Thank you LEGO Serious Play, I bet you never knew you could inspire a SAHM.

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