A butterfly gone too soon


Recently, a friend lost her little girl.

We received this news early in the morning just as we woke up and it was heartbreaking and all we could think of was, what would we feel if we were in the parent’s place?
I am not sure if it is right or wrong or cruel or stupid to think this, but we went back to bed to hold our two little warm, sweet smelling brown baby bodies and kissed their small fingers and squeezed them tighter.

Grief is hard. I still grieve for my father, It’s been 4 years. I have accepted and made peace with his death, but the actual loss is still there.
I read somewhere that grief does not reduce over time, but that life grows around it.
Over time, we may come to accept the loss, talk about our loved one with a smile and laugh at the good times. But the loss, the missing, the lack stays.

I cannot however even begin to think what it would mean or feel to lose my child. I imagine it rips your very being to shreds and pulls you in directions impossible. But my firm belief is that she is watching over her mum and dad like she always did with her beautiful big brown eyes.

For you Divu:
A butterfly came floating by, I thought I knew her face, It landed on my shoulder, and spread its wings of lace, I looked and saw it smiling, as it winked and flew away. I’m sure I heard it whisper, “We’ll meet again one day” – Author Unknown

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  1. Geetanjali says:

    This is very sad and beautiful


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