Hey beautiful Girl

I see the shiny brown curls frame your sweet face. I see your sleep-swollen eyes and feel you’re warm just out of the blanket body.
I love the delicate smell of your hair, I still think it smells of milk and sweat, just like when you were a baby.
I love your small fingers tugging my t-shirt as we hug each other.
I love the look in your eye, the way you carry yourself, the way you make me laugh. I love that in the silence of the morning, you are the best company I have.
I look at you and I wonder, How did I make this beauty, this mind, this sassy mouth?
Is it possible to be in silent awe of your child? Is that the pride we carry as parents? To see them becoming themselves and not an extension of us. Whatever it may be… I’m so in Love.. even during the hairpulling moments.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You are one of the two best Mother’s day gift I have ever received.

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