She asked me …

For the last couple of days, the girl has been asking some soul searching questions: Why did I come before Sean? Why is he my brother? 

The first time she asked me this, I went biblical and told her about John the Baptist. The importance of his role in the preparation of coming of Christ and how she was sent so we could understand the boy better. But the second time she asked me this, I realised that the explanation given was not sufficient and still unclear on the why.

I talk a lot about how the boy has impacted our life and changed us as individuals and as a family unit. But I am so in awe of this girl who keeps us so beautifully grounded. 

Dear Leanne, 

The reason you came before Sean, is because we needed you and soo wanted you. You filled us with so much joy, happiness, and nonstop action even before you were born. You made us a family. You girl perfected us. 

You were sent to us to prepare us and to be the best interpreter we could have ever asked for. Do you remember how when you were only 5 yrs old, you taught the boy to count from 21-100 in 15 minutes? something I was struggling with. You used your baby logic to explain it in a way I could never, and the boy has never forgotten it. Just 20 min, That’s you! That’s what makes you amazing.

We could not have fully understood your brother if it was not for you. 
You have gone without many things and understood so much at such a tender age. You worried about your brother being alone in his nursery class and if anyone will help him. You were in Sr kg and had barely turned 5 and you cried because you worried for him wandering off, worried because he would not talk yet. You held my head with your little hands when I cried for my daddy. You gave your Dad a purpose when things were tough for him.

 I have seen you get angry when people have pushed your brother around. We have seen you angry at us when we overprotect him. We see how he fights with you in the day and cuddles next to you at night. You don’t give a hoot, he is your brother and he can talk, fightback, play games, yell, laugh at silly jokes just like you. And in that simplicity lies your magic.

You empathise, feel and understand so much more than your age permits. Your silliness and laughter encapsulate the heart of a beautiful human. 
The boy definitely struck the jackpot with a sister like you.  It’s like you both have a secret language.
Most of all baby girl, because you are you! and that’s just perfect. 

Love, Mummy

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  1. Once Siddhu asked me the same question. I said God asked a few children who wanted to become the little brother to Sivaa. It was you who raised the hand.

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  2. Christina says:

    They are blessed. Truly to change our lives and to rid us of the
    earthly ego.

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