Perspective of a child’s problem – from a child

The boy has been having some ‘ Monster’ troubles lately.

I am not making small an issue that is quite big for him. Kids develop these strange fears at different times in their development process and the stuff on cartoon channels don’t help either.

So it means he is terrified of my mobile phone and wont go close to Youtube. Blessing in disguise maybe. But the Monster trouble are so big he does not want to be alone in the bedroom or the bathroom. Since Dad has been traveling past few weeks, the girl and I have been on double duty making sure he feels safe.

Yesterday, I was called into his school to come get him because he was wailing for me and saying some stuff about monsters. He was fine the moment he saw me. He told me why he cried but then again we had to reassure him of no monsters in school/ closet /bedroom.

Last night as we three lay down on the bed after our prayers and bedtime stories, I started to talk to Sean about his fears. I said, ” Sean there are no monsters at home, especially in the bedroom and none at school. So please don’t worry about it”

At this the girl promptly says, ” How is that suppose to help? I mean, I heard you and I know that there are no monsters, but I am still afraid of the dark. Just saying it does not stop the feeling mummy . Just give him time “

Grown up logic gaya tel leney. To hell with it. So went back to some technique that might work…

Monster Shooaway Spray…. Can you guess what’s in it?

Other suggestions welcome.

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  1. Lester Vaz says:

    What a Solutuon!! Impressed.
    What a perspective from the #thegirl, even more impressed & surprised.

    Kids perspective, respect it, solve it.
    Blessings 👼🙏❤


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