To do List: 6. Walking in Faith

The boy woke up later than usual today, we both did and then had a shower on his own, brushed his teeth, ironed his clothes with a cold Iron and got dressed. Then put on his shoes, took his sisters pink Hello Kitty umbrella and said he needed to go for a walk. “Well, can I come with you?” I asked. ” No Mummy, you need to stay home,” he replied. Off he went.

I followed him at a distance as he went around the block, in the rain and blowing wind. Sometimes the footpath was blocked by coconut palms that had fallen from the night’s rain but he knew what he was doing and found his way.

Quietly we walked together but separately, each with our own motive. The boy with decisive strides, lost in the moment and me in my flipflop trying hard not to slip as I kept pace with him, some 20 steps behind.

He leads me back home.

But for those 20 mins, he steered and I followed.

He knew what he was doing, it was me who was unsure. He needed a break, a walk in the rain to calm him, to energies him, I don’t know, but he was ready for school after that.

It struck me, maybe kids know where they want to go, they know what they want to achieve or reach or live and love.
I think we are meant to be watching over as they learn to think and make decisions. As they try to spread their still stuck wings and see the full span of it, we are meant to be watching and encouraging, praying and uplifting.
The hardest thing as a parent is to see our children fall and not run to rescue them.

But sometimes, it’s really fun and joyful to watch them take the lead and just faithfully follow.

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