To do List: 9. Rise from Ashes

The last one month has been a whirlwind of events, emotions and I cannot believe how much it has given me to think. I was going through my Photo Gallery of all the pictures I have taken in the last one month and this one struck me as the one that most summarises what I am feeling as we being this new year.

One of the places my family and I visited over the Christmas vacation was my husband’s family hometown, more a little rural village in the South of Karnataka.

Life is so strikingly different there than here in Mumbai. The pace of life, the priorities, the wildlife, the everyday living things… they are so purposeful. For example, the pictures shows a beautiful blazing wood fire that in turn heats a massive metal pot called the ‘Bhann full of water pumped from the well . This water is used for bathing.The fire is fed with dry coconut husks, dried branches from the coconut and beetalnut tree and dried wood from the trees around the farm. Every few days the ash from the incinerator is collected in a bucket and sprinkled at the base of the trees. It serves as nutrition to the trees, especially to the cash crops.

Amazing isn’t it. I thought it was pretty fabulous

It is the simplicity of the cycle.

You see, what we need to do is use all that you want to discard from your self, maybe certain habits, maybe pride, maybe self hate, maybe unhealthy relationships … take all of that and bundle it up and shove it in the incinerator. Maybe this will make us weaker for a moment, lost perhaps or the feeling of not being in control.. but eventually the fire will die down and what will be left is the ashes of what was and that is not always a bad thing.

These ashes are your life lessons. You can taken them, fill them in a bucket and go sprinkle it on your next plan.. a more deserving relationship, a more deeper understanding of self , a more deeper love for people who love you because now you have taken the ashes of your mistakes and said, I will not treat myself like this again. I will be better.

To see pictures and my Facebook post about it, click here: Bhann


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