But for now, This is how they are showing love.

We are all in the throws of fighting one of the biggest battles of our generation.The enemy has everything going for it : it is invisible, it is highly effective, spreads like wildfire and does not discriminate… though I hear it likes men more than women.

It has become a very real and tangible fear for everyone, especially here in Mumbai, India.

Among the many frustrating stories you hear of people who break the curfew or go crowd in shops and overbuy, leaving nothing for others…. there are however, some beautiful stories of selfless love and heartwarming gestures that gives us hope and positivity.

Let me tell you one of those stories.

I have this friend who is in the medical profession and is a mom to a beautiful little boy around 6 who keeps her happy as a busy bee, her husband works abroad.

Last week, he decided to try all efforts to get home before the borders are sealed. He got in just in time. But now was an ever more challenging situation. How is he to protect his family ? What if he had come in contact with someone who was infected. He needed to Self Isolate.

It’s been a week, he has self isolated himself in his house while my friend and her little boy have camped out at the in-laws. But I bet, it’s been even harder knowing that dad is there but kiddo can’t meet him. I am sure she wants to give him a hug, cook him a feast. I am sure his parents want to see him and are praying he is not infected.

But for now, This is how they are showing love.

This is lunch left outside the front door for the man she loves who stays inside for all of them and for you and me.


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