Lockdown Simulated Play

To say that lockdown has been tough would be an understatement, more so for the poor and the vulnerable.

I am struggling to keep my sanity as I navigate this unprecedented time in our lives, our country… our world. Never have we all felt the same and feared the same to this extent. More so when the threat is invisible, silent and devastating.

As a family we struggle to keep ourselves positively and constructively occupied and I would be lying if I said that we are having a great time as a family all the time. The husband is working just as hard in a very uncertain time and I think I am working harder than any other time in my life.

I have an inkling that we will forever be changed by this pandemic… in the way we live and think. In the way we view those who stood at the forefront to fight for us. In the way we are so dependent on those who we have valued less. Forever the sights of the migrants trudging home with little to nothing to their name. Our big cities standing still, quite, solemn. Nature taking over. Families assessing their stock.

This journey is far from over and filled with difficult moments, but it will be a bigger impact on our children, who will forever remember when the world stopped to protect them and families stayed inside. When things they wanted were put to the side of things we really needed to survive the week and guess what… they coped. I cannot even begin to imagine the fear in the heart of parents of medically fragile children or children with special needs. Our kids are really really trying and we must salute them too.

The boy especially has been struggling because he loves to be outdoors, he loves going on train rides and trips to the national park. He cries most nights about going there and riding the toy train -Van Rani. He is scared about the virus, he asks me to chase the virus away and knows the Police and Doctors are trying their best. His fears are real, so it is for every child.

But we also have great moments, like dinners… we rarely ate together as a family before because the husband works late and commute in Mumbai is crazy. We have awesome moments playing with the kids be it a simple snakes and ladders or landing airplanes in simulator games on the computer. We have fun with sleepovers in the living room, watching Minions & Monster Inc… We also wind up at different corners of the house with a laptop, a phone or the TV to go back into a bubble. This is the truth.

Today it seemed the kids were just plain fed up and the girl lead herself and the boy on a simulated holiday to London to visit their cousins. We heard them playing for a long time right from going to security to boarding …at some point the girl came and asked for some snacks, so the husband and I put together a small tray for our marvelous passengers.

I took this picture, because under normal circumstances I would load it with many more goodies, but we are running low on stock and the lines at the grocery stores have been very long and online deliveries are a few days away…and yet the kids had a hoot and enjoyed a inflight breakfast picnic on the simulated plane and did not ask for more.

I know we are one of the fortunate ones. We really are. I just hope we never forget this …


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lester Vaz says:

    Absolutely spot on.

    Simulated breakfast was a treat to watch.
    Great Memory to cherish.
    Loved every word, so apt, so real.


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