The lockdown has allowed me to binge-watch my favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory from start to finish. It was the best escape I could find to get away from the anxiety around the blasted pandemic. The more I watched Sheldon the more it reminds me of kids like my boy who struggle with social communication and the need for things to be a particular way or have certain fixations (like trains) and only wear certain types of clothes, etc.

Those who love TBBT know how much Sheldon admires Prof Hawking and last week I watched The Theory of Everything – a movie about the life of Prof. Stephen Hawking. An extraordinary story of an amazing man and his mind. You get a sense of why he is so admired. His intelligent, his humor and extraordinary will to ‘Get on with it’ despite a debilitating condition is inspirational.

Today, I finally got to watch The Imitation games- a movie about Alan Turing the father of modern computing. Alan is known to be the genius behind the Turing Machine that broke the German ciphers made by the Enigma machine. Another awkward genius who was misunderstood and probably even lead to suicide for being gay.

But here is what I take out of all these movies/ shows: We label what we don’t understand as different or weird because they are leaps away from our truth or perceived collective truth of what the world should be or is. Just like the fact that people believed the Earth was flat did NOT make it flat, but they were persecuted for it

Just for a moment pause and think, that instead of the weird ones being a glitch/ a mistake/ a problem in an otherwise typical world. What if these anomalies are necessary, No! fundamentally essential for humans to move ahead. What if these minds were meant to be so that we can evolve. And we are, We are evolving. What if these people are the steps in the evolutionary maze that leads to the next steps of human understanding, because lets face it, not everyone is/can be extra-ordinary.

These path-breakers, innovators, thinkers are so at the cost of enormous personal struggles. The struggle is despite what their mind can achieve. Therefore struggle is part of personal growth and more so for a different brain to find its standing. My boy struggles with a lot of things that comes easy to us, but I can see that there is something different in the way he thinks and what he thinks about. My hope is that he finds his diving board and lives life on his terms.

Let me leave you with a quote from The Imitation Games:

“Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”


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  1. I agree, these anomalies are necessary. Life would be so boring without them…
    So well penned!
    Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christina says:

      Thank you girl! So glad you got a chance to read my blog finally Following your blog back..


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