The boy who knew his way

On a blistering stormy night, a little boy was born.
This mother barley glimpsed him before they took him away.
He was tiny and scrawny and struggled with a lot of things, but she saw his grey-black eyes.
He came home without much pomp and show and there was a little big sister who was waiting for him.

With time he grew stronger and plumper, he walked and pointed and communicated.
When suddenly one day the people said, he isn’t looking at us or responding to us.
He just stares out of the window said the teacher. Sorry! we can’t help him said the principal.

OH ! what have you done they shouted? Why? How? When? You should have……
She looked at him, all she saw was a perfect smile and creamy cheeks and those eyes…
She understood him, even his grunts, squeals and coos.
She saw that he knew what he wanted, just vary to show the world.

They took him to many places, Can you help? Can you?
They wandered around for a bit before finding light and direction.
Your son is Autistic they said to the parents, but it is not the end.

He worked hard, without knowing it. He did things that were uncomfortable for him, sometimes with tears in those eyes.
He did it for her.
His sister pushed him, his father coxed and cajoled him, his mother heard him.
He knew he was not alone, but he was not distracted by them, no, he knew what he wanted.

He learned to speak again, first with borrowed words and then lighting them up with his uniqueness.
He spoke with love and gentleness. His eyes spoke with thought and insight.
He knew he was loved and he knew how to get his work done.
Somewhere along the way, he changed them all. For better, Forever, for love.

8 years since, she looked at him,
Her little baby is a lad.
She looks at him for direction, only he can give it so.
He knows what he wants, unfettered by what others say because he knows his path.

So as he looks ahead with eyes that won’t give up.
They stand behind him like sentries,
Not a doubt, their mind on the mission,
His mother, his father, and his sister.


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  1. Oh… He is a perfect little boy with a perfect mother who loves him unconditionally… You have penned. this so so so well…
    Hugs and kisses and thank you for writing this!!!!


    1. Christina says:

      We are all perfect in the eyes of God. Love you

      Liked by 1 person

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