To do List: 8. She beckons me.

The Ocean is beautiful, immense and incredibly strong.

She has the power to nurture and kill. She holds secrets and throws out the unwanted.

She is serene, clear and calming, but can be deep and dark and treacherous.

I have this unexplainable attraction to the Sea. I am scared of her depth, she is so powerful and yet welcoming. I feel my best when I spend time with her.

I connect to her, her journey; sometimes being pulled ashore by these energies and forces that she can’t control. But, what she controls is who she lets in and for how long.

Her journey is difficult to explain, as she fills the darkest depths and also caresses the land in her arms.

I need her so much today. On hard days, I think of this enigmatic creation of God, and I need her.

I need her to hold me and my children and tell me that I am okay, that they are okay and that we will all be Okay.


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